Policy Toolkit

The OECD’s Committee on Consumer Policy has developed a Consumer Policy Toolkit.

The Toolkit is a practical guide designed to aid policy makers in using a systematic approach to identify and evaluate consumer problems and to develop, implement and review effective consumer policies.

The Toolkit covers:

  • Chapter 1: The changing consumer and market landscape
    What are the key trends characterising markets and consumers?
  • Chapter 2: The economics of consumer policy
    What is the basic economics underlying consumer policy? How the behavioural economics can be used to improve understanding of consumer decisions?
  • Chapter 3: Identifying and analysing consumer market problems
    What is the consumer detriment? How markets can be screened to detect problems where detriment may be present? How market problems can be analysed and how detriment can be measured?
  • Chapter 4: Consumer policy instruments
    What consumer policy instruments can be highly effective? How policy makers can identify, evaluate and test the most promising tools?
  • Chapter 5: Policy decision making
    Is there an effective consumer policy framework that policy makers can use? What are the implications for consumer policy making?

For information about how to buy the Toolkit, please visit the OECD Online Bookshop. The full Toolkit can be browsed free of charge (but not downloaded) by accessing the PDF e-book version.

Consumer policy in Australia: a companion to the OECD Consumer Policy Toolkit

The Policy and Research Advisory Committee of CAF has developed a Consumer Policy in Australia: A companion to the OECD Consumer Policy Toolkit [PDF 971KB | RTF 8.9MB]. This document provides practical guidance on how to apply the guidance in the Toolkit in an Australian context by providing information about how policy is made in Australia and links to resources that can assist those engaged in policy development, both as government officials and as stakeholders