Issues Paper

The Australian Consumer Law Review Issues Paper [PDF 966KB | DOC 3.3MB] was released on 31 March 2016. Submissions to the Issues Paper closed on 27 May 2016. More than 160 submissions were received in response to the Issues Paper, including submissions marked as confidential. The chart below shows the breakdown of submissions received by organisation type (as a percentage).

Submissions received by organisation type (as a percentage: Academic 6%; Company 12%; Consumer Advocacy Group 8%; Government 5%; Individual or Consumer 12%; Industry Representative Group 33%; Legal Practitioner 13%; Not for profit 9%; Other 3%

All non-confidential submissions are available below, listed alphabetically by stakeholder. The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand or the ACL Review.

If you are having difficulty with accessing any of the submissions below please contact

Submissions received

Accord Australasia – PDF 5MB

Advertising Standards Bureau – PDF 195KB

Airline Customer Advocate – PDF 608KBRTF 412KB

Allens – PDF 530KB

Anonymous 4 – DOCX 24KBPDF 130KB

Anonymous 1 – PDF 55KB

Anonymous 2 – PDF 559KB

Anonymous 3 – PDF 909KB

Arnold Bloch Leibler – PDF 507KB

Australian and New Zealand Ombudsman Association – PDF 813KB

Australian Association of National Advertisers – PDF 525KB

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association – PDF 1MB

Australian Automotive Dealer Association – PDF 385KB

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – PDF 379KBRTF 473KB

Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission – PDF 165KB

Australian Communications and Media Authority – PDF 557KB

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network – PDF 873KB

Australian Finance Conference – PDF 315KB

Australian Food and Grocery Council – PDF 319KB

Australian Furniture Removers Association – PDF 292KB

Australian Industry Group – PDF 576KB

Australian Institute of Architects – PDF 240KBRTF 1007KB

Australian Institute of Company Directors – PDF 1MB

Australian Newsagents' Federation – PDF 573KB

Australian Retailers Association – PDF 381KBRTF 2MB

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman – PDF 94KB

Australian Tattooists Guild – PDF 702KBRTF 8MB

Australian Toy Association – PDF 743KBRTF 307KB

Baker & McKenzie – PDF 445KB

Bebbington, Bruce – PDF 190KBRTF 53KB

Blums, Andris – PDF 140KBRTF 35KB

Bonwick, Monte – PDF 42KB

Business Council of Australia – PDF 453KB

Cancer Council Queensland – PDF 125KB

Caravan Camping & Touring Industry & Manufactured Housing Industry Association of NSW – PDF 281KB

Caravan Industry Association of Australia – PDF 1MB

Chalmers, Alan – PDF 8MB

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand – PDF 150KB


Clarke, Philip H – PDF 597KBRTF 307KB

Commercial and Property Law Research Centre, QUT – PDF 484KB

Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Australia – PDF 269KBRTF 56KB

Communications Alliance – PDF 569KB

Community Council for Australia – PDF 890KBRTF 2MB

Consult Australia – PDF 663KB

Consumer Action Law Centre – PDF 951KB

Consumer Credit Legal Service WA – PDF 826KBRTF 1MB

Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association – PDF 292KBRTF 519KB

Consumers' Federation of Australia – PDF 416KB

CPA Australia – PDF 203KB

Customer Owned Banking Association – PDF 188KB

Daly, Angela and Scardamaglia, Amanda – PDF 281KBRTF 123KB

Direct Selling Australia – PDF 306KB

eBay – PDF 511KB

Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW – PDF 453KB

Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria – PDF 1MB

EnergyAustralia – PDF 328KB

Engineers Australia – PDF 817KBRTF 14MB

Ethnic Communities Council of NSW – PDF 307KB

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries – PDF 641KB

Financial Counselling Australia – PDF 1MB

Financial Rights Legal Centre – PDF 223KB

Fundraising Institute of Australia – PDF 439KB

Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre & Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre – PDF 241KB

Governance Institute of Australia – PDF 177KB

Groupon – PDF 699KB

Guenther, C and Lyons, M J – PDF 125KB

Housing Industry Association – PDF 342KB

Howlett, Gwendolyn – PDF 131KBRTF 87KB

Industry Super Australia – PDF 546KB

Insurance Australia Group – PDF 4MB

Insurance Council of Australia – PDF 161KB

Interactive Games and Entertainment Association – PDF 816KB

Justice Connect Not-for-profit Law – PDF 590KB

Justice Connect Referral Service – PDF 228KB

Law Council of Australia – PDF 1MB

Law Council of Australia Legal Practice Section – PDF 218KB

Law Institute Victoria – PDF 2MB

Law Society of NSW – PDF 2MB

Law Society of Western Australia – PDF 248KB

Legal Aid NSW – PDF 810KB

Legal Aid Queensland – PDF 211KB

Legal Services Commission of SA – PDF 4MB

Leigh, Tracy – PDF 121KB

Lemon Laws 4 Aus – PDF 1MB

Lewins, Kate – PDF 205KB

Lewis, Rodney – PDF 677KB

Master Electricians Australia – PDF 278KB

Melbourne Social Equity Institute – PDF 351KB

Melbourne University - Associate Professor Jeannie Paterson & Professor Elise Bant – PDF 539KB

MGA Independent Retailers – PDF 131KB

Middleton, Thomas – PDF 478KBRTF 283KB

MinterEllison – PDF 471KB

Motor Trade Association of SA – PDF 682KB

Motor Trade Association of WA – PDF 6MB

Motor Traders Association of NSW – PDF 1MB

Motor Trades Association of Australia – PDF 2MB

Motor Trades Association of Queensland – PDF 480KB

Norton Gledhill – PDF 231KBRTF 856KB

Nottage, Luke – PDF 460KBRTF 247KB

NSW Business Chamber – PDF 450KB

NSW Small Business Commissioner – PDF 668KB

Obesity Policy Coalition – PDF 276KB

Office of Multicultural Interests WA – PDF 243KBRTF 85KB

Petre, Clare – PDF 98KB

Product Safety Solutions – PDF 238KB

Prolegis Lawyers – PDF 249KB

Public Fundraising Regulatory Association – PDF 752KB

Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria – PDF 515KB

Queensland Consumers Association – PDF 411KBRTF 2MB

Queensland Law Society – PDF 478KBRTF 468KB

Ramsay, Duncan – PDF 133KBRTF 32KB

Real Estate Institute of New South Wales – PDF 388KB

Red Energy and Lumo Energy – PDF 315KB

Redfern Legal Centre – PDF 384KB

Retail Council – PDF 558KB

Robertson, James – PDF 136KBRTF 34KB

Robinson, Dr Dorothy L – PDF 458KBRTF 111KB

Rodan + Fields – PDF 276KBRTF 1MB

Sales Assured – PDF 612KBRTF 4MB

Seddon, Nick – PDF 257KBRTF 114KB

Senior Rights Service – PDF 712KBRTF 395KB

Shopping Centre Council of Australia – PDF 672KBRTF 7MB

Sise, Peter – PDF 340KBRTF 348KB

Slater + Gordon Lawyers – PDF 417KB

Small Business Commissioner SA – PDF 5MB

Small Business Development Corporation – PDF 733KB

Smith, Neil – PDF 474KB

South Australian Independent Retailers – PDF 529KB

South Australian Independent Retailers - Attachment A – PDF 4MB

South Australian Independent Retailers - Attachment B – PDF 643KB

Spier, Hank – PDF 549KB

Standards Australia – PDF 659KB

Strata Community Australia Queensland – PDF 589KB

Suncorp – PDF 281KB

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman – PDF 740KB

Tony Davis & Associates – PDF 243KB

Uber Australia – PDF 419KB

Uber Australia - Attachment A – PDF 869KB

Unit Owners Association of Queensland Incorporated – PDF 759KBRTF 3MB

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce – PDF 564KB

Victorian Caravan Parks Association – PDF 501KB

Victorian Small Business Commissioner – PDF 1MB

WEstjustice Western Community Legal Centre – PDF 1MB

Wood, Ashton – PDF 3MB

WorldVentures – PDF 402KB

Wright, David – RTF 123KBPDF 270KB