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The ACCC is publishing comprehensive and up to date information about consumer rights, refunds, and what to do in the event of travel and other event cancellations as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Please visit the ACCC COVID-19 advice for consumers page for further information.

If you have a specific enquiry not covered by the ACCC consumer advice or require additional information, you may contact the ACCC online or your local State and Territory consumer protection agency.

Make Sharing Fair

If you buy or hire goods and services through an online marketplace or sharing economy platform, you are protected by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) if things go wrong, in the same way as you would be if you were to buy in-store.

Traders are also protected by the ACL and have all the same rights and responsibilities as they would in-store, like guaranteeing the services and goods they’re providing to consumers comply with consumer law.

Sharing Economy videos

Watch these videos for more information on the ACL including tips on how to share fair in the sharing economy:

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Translated resources

A short article on consumer and trader rights and responsibilities in the sharing economy is available in English, Arabic and Chinese (simplified and traditional):

Things to remember:


  • Your rights are the same if you hire goods or buy services online, through an app or sharing platform, or if you make in-store purchases. Read more about your consumer guarantees.
  • Read the platform’s terms and conditions and understand their complaint management process, if they have one. Don’t forget, you have consumer rights and might be able to cancel the contract and obtain a refund if things go wrong.
  • If you have a problem with a product or service you purchased from an online platform, follow these steps to help you resolve the issue:
    • speak to the seller or service provider
    • contact the platform through their internal dispute resolution process, if they have one
    • write a factual customer review and rate the trader on the platform
    • lodge a complaint with your state or territory’s consumer affairs agency if the matter can’t be resolved with the platform and/or trader first.

Read more about your consumer rights.


  • Be transparent about the product or service you are advertising so there are no surprises to consumers
  • Traders must make sure reviews provided about their service or product are not misleading or fake
  • Customers have the right to expect the goods and services you provide comply with consumer law
  • You must comply with product safety obligations

Read more about your business rights and responsibilities.

Make a complaint

You can submit a complaint to your state or territory’s consumer protection agency..